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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 10, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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florida, for monday's cnn tea party republican debate. we'll have more in a bit. first, want to get you caught up on the day's news. the nation pauses this weekend to mourning the nearly 3,000 people who lost their lives ten years ago on the morning september 11. [ bell ] >> today in shanksville, pennsylvania, a solemn stair money for the passengers and crew of united airlines flight 93. the passengers stormed the cockpit and fight off the hijackers. the heroic sacrifice no doubt saved many other lives. former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton along with vice president joe biden were there today to dedicate a memorial. president obama has declared this weekend national days of prayers and remembrance. he and the first lady spent time today at arlington national cemetery and visited a section
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for u.s. troops killed in afghanistan and iraq. a short distance away at the pentagon, former president bush and his wife laid a wreath of flowers at the site known as the 9/11 stone. 184 people died at the pentagon on 9/11 when american airlines flight 77 smashed into the building. ♪ at st. patrick's day cathedral a service was held for the 343 new york city firefighters who lost their lives at the world trade center when the twin towers collapsed. ground zero where the twin towers once stood high above the skyline is now a large memorial plaza. homeland security secretary janet napolitano walked through it today ahead of tomorrow's formal dedication. let's go right now to today's dedication ceremony in shanksville, pennsylvania. cnn's david mattingly joins us live from that site. david, you were there ten years ago, tell us what's going on
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today. >> reporter: well, don, it's a very different place today. ten years ago this was the site of a terrible tragdeerk an act of violent terrorism. it was surrounded by fear and uncertainty and today it is a memorial to the people on board flight 93 who rose up against their hijacker, and it is a tribute to their courage. it is a national park, but it is not finished yet. in fact, it was bill clinton today who got up to the microphone and got the most applause when he called attention to the fact that ten years after 9/11 this memorial to flight 93 is not done. it is still $10 million short of the money it needs to complete everything they have planned for it, and here's what he had to say. >> since i am no longer in office, i can do unpopular things. i told the secretary of the interior, the head of your development program, that i was
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aghast to find out we still need to raise $10 million to finish this place, and speaker boehner and i have already volunteered to do a bipartisan event in washington. let's get the show on the road. [ applause ] >> let's roll. >> let's roll. the former president borrowing a line from tom beamer, one of the passengers on board who was part of the attempt to retake the plane. and of course their efforts bringing the plane down here in this empty field. it is now a very beautiful place covered with grass and wild flowers, a place to come and remember for generations to follow of the bravery on board that airplane. don? >> david, talk to me a little more about this. you said -- i think you said $10 million more they need to complete it. how much more do they have to go to get it done, and how are they going to raise the money? what are their plans? >> reporter: they have been seeking private donations, but of all the 9/11 sites, this is
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the only one that is part of the national parks system. it has not received the same kind of corporate sponsorship that other sites have from 9/11. what they hope to do, they hope that this, the ten-year anniversary will draw more attention nationwide and perhaps bring more money in to put them over the top and to get this site completed. a lot of people feel like that there was so much done on board that airplane to save lives on that terrible day that these people who sacrificed their lives need to be remembered, and that they're hoping that that thought will push people to get this monument done the way it's been planned to. there's several other features that haven't even been erected yet because of that lack of money. but right now, you heard the former president standing up there and saying this has got to
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be done. let's roll. and perhaps with this anniversary that will get done. don? >> david mattingly, thank you very much, we appreciate it. we have developing news just in to cnn. this is just coming from our sources in washington. here's what we're hearing. there's a security alert at dulles airport outside of washington, d.c., now. this is according to a tsa spokesman. a tsa spokesman is saying a dog trained to sniff explosives alerted personnel to a suspicious package in a cargo area. right now part of terminal b, part of terminal b at dulles airport outside of washington, d.c., has been evacuated, shut down, i should say shut down just as a precaution. again, this is just as a precaution. we'll bring you the latest information as soon as it becomes available. now back to our coverage of 9/11.
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hour away from the anniversary of the september 11 attacks, there are rohries about another threat -- worries about another threat. susan candiotti with more. are people worry good this terrorist attack? are they going about their business and remembering people who lost their lives there today? >> reporter: i would say both things are happening. certainly people who are worried about the terror threat. and also new yorkers who are moving on. i want to show you, don, right now what is happening at ground zero as part of the security sweep that is going on as we speak by the new york police department. again, this is at the world trade center site. and the site of the memorial and where the ceremony will be. you've got a lot of cars lined up going around. there are 100 extra officers that are part of the sweep. what also is happening now is that in addition to that, a show of force that happens all the time in the city.
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as new york police department goes around the city as part of their regular ongoing training. but it certainly looks very impressive. don, as part of the terror investigation, there are a few more details to tell you about. mainly having to do with timing. and cnn has learned that u.s. authorities are looking at whether at least two of the three people that are believed to be part of this possible plot already are headed to the united states. however, we will add this -- we are also hearing from a federal law enforcement official that so far nothing is panning out at this time in terms of whether anyone is confirmed to be in the united states. but of course, investigators are continuing to track down leads and are working under that assumption. we asked one of the assistant directors of the fbi about the development tonight, we declined to comment on it directly but did say this -- >> as far as i know, this threat hasn't changed from what it was
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yesterday. and that is -- and what was reported by us thursday evening -- is that it's credible but unconfirmed. which, translation for that is that we have not focused to my knowledge on any specific individuals. >> don, you were asking me about how new yorkers are adapting to the new world in which they live. and as we said, they are putting up with it, no real complaints. we asked some of them about it. >> susan, let me ask you -- i know that you showed before the security screen, but are you above the west side highway? yeah, that's okay. we know how they're dealing with it. you've explained that clearly. you're above the west side highway. tell us about the security sweep and how far it stretches and how long it's going on again. i think it's interesting that just the day before they're doing that. >> reporter: well, certainly this show of force they do on a regular basis. the security sweep has been
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going on, i would approximate, for about a half-hour or so. this is in fact the west side highway which, of course, rims the west side of this ground zero site which covers about 16 acre, and mainly they've been at a standstill for it the half-hour with the lights flashing and the like. occasionally you see one of the squad cars driving by. for the most part they are there, and they are there to give an impression, an impression for new yorkers to see and certainly by way of our coverage for the world to see that they well prepared for this memorial tomorrow, a very important and somber event. we've been seeing all kinds of security checks going on and dress rehearsals for the ceremony, as well. this is a big part of it. >> they call that the security ring around ground zero. great job of explaining it. thanks for taking us and showing us what's going on at ground zero. the eyes are really on it now. even more so tomorrow. susan, thank you very much.
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stand by. coming up, we're going to talk about libya. libya's opposition fighters go after one of gadhafi's last strongholds, but they get resistance. a live report coming up next on cnn. also, tensions ease in egypt after an attack on an israeli embassy kills three people and injures more than 1,000. that works at the molecular level to help your engine run more smoothly by helping remove deposits and cleaning up intake valves. so when you fill up at an exxon or mobil station, you can rest assured we help your engine run more smoothly while leaving behind cleaner emissions. it's how we make gasoline work harder for you. exxon and mobil. [ jim ] i need to push out a software upgrade. build a new app for the sales team in beijing. libya's opposition fighters go i . wherever he is. i need to see my family while they're still awake.
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libya's governments faces a tough test of its power in bani walid, the city supported miami-dade during the rebel -- moammar gadhafi during the rebellion. now loyalists are reluctant to lay down their weapons. jill doughterty joins me from tripoli with the latest. we heard from ben wedeman over
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an hour ago. update us on your front now. >> reporter: well, i'm here in tripoli. and ben is the person who's actually been right down outside of bani walid. he's saying, and the reports are coming in that the rebels began an approach toward the town, and then they came under very heavy fire. there were snipers, there were rockets and mortars. so they pulled back. they've been encountering problems. now they also -- ben says that they believe that there are trained troops loyal to gadhafi. not just, you know, a pickup band of fighters but trained troops who are in the area but rebels do not have heavy artillery or tanks. so right now they have pulled back and are waiting. also there has been fighting although we don't have the latest reports on exactly what
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is happening in sirte, another stronghold of moammar gadhafi. don? >> you mentioned that some didn't really have any weapons. is there any chance of the town surrendering peacefully, jill, or this will inevitably end in a bloody fight? >> you know, i think you'd have to say that this is -- does not look as if it would end peacefully because after all, these are the people who have been loyal to moammar gadhafi. both the tribes and people in general who have supported him. if they are the trained fighters that we believe they are, and if they have the weaponry which also we believe they have, this could be difficult. in fact, the rebels were telling cnn that they think it could take one day, two days, maybe a week, and that probably is very optimistic. so at this point, they're not just going to walk in there. it could be a real fight. >> i have to ask you this, jill
4:16 pm
-- any word on the hunt for moammar gadhafi? >> reporter: not really. that remain a mystery precisely where he is. bani walid is where his sons have been seen. and so that's a possibility. but certainly gadhafi himself, it is unclear where he is. you'd have to say that in spite of that, things seem to be moving forward. life here in tripoli is moving forward because the regime is over even if they have not caught gadhafi. >> jill doughterty, thank you very much. the violence in egypt swirling around the israeli embassy has largely subsided to the relief of authorities in cairo and jerusalem. 3,000 were dead, more than 1,000 injured. egyptians demonstrated again, urging that egypt surrender relations with israel. a deputy ambassador will stay in
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to see keep a presence in the country. when we come back on cnn, a preview of the gop contenders who will take the stage in tampa on monday for the cnn tea party republican debate. our senior political editor, mark preston, yes, that guy, joins me. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement available only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer. to learn more, visit us today. responsibility. what's your policy? it's schwab at your fingertips wherever, whenever you want. one log in lets you monitor all of your balances and transfer between accounts, so your money can move as fast as you do. check out your portfolio, track the market with live updates. and execute trades anywhere and anytime the inspiration hits you. even deposit checks right from your phone.
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texas governor rick perry has a dilemma on his hands. he's expected to appear at monday's cnn tea party republican debate right here in tampa. but with the state facing catastrophic wildfires, critics are already hitting him every time he leaves texas to campaign. our senior political editor, mr. mark breast objecton, is here with a pre-- preston is, here with a preview of the debate. i saw a lot of criticism of perry. and then day or two later, i see him on television and when people asked him about the campaign, he goes, i don't want to talk about that, i just want to talk about the fires. someone got to him, his press people. >> look, it's always tough when you have a natural disaster in your state that he's having with the wildfires. that he has to deal with. at the same time, if you're running for president, you have to show that you can multitask.
4:21 pm
can rick perry appear at this debate, at the same time monitoring what's going on in texas. >> he's going to be here -- >> he is going to be here. if he couldn't be here, there would be a question, can he be president, can he multitask. look, he'll be here. >> i wonder, listen, this strategy, what if he said the people of my state are facing devastating circumstances right now. i'll get back to the campaign once this is done, but i got to worry about the people i represent now. is that a bad strategy? >> no, he could do it, but let's go back during the 2008 campaign when we had the big financial crisis and john mccain was not going to show up at the debate down in mississippi when he was a general election candidate. he came under criticism to say, mr. mccain, you can't do both? he ended up coming to mississippi. >> you handed this to me. tell me what this is. it's rick perry there. it says two candidates -- >> it is. in fact, take a look. we should be able to pull up a graphic of it. this is literature there, don, that is being handed out in florida as we speak right now. and it is mitt romney going right after rick perry when it comes to the issue of social
4:22 pm
security. a huge issue here in florida. in fact, he says in this piece of literature that's being handed out, not being mailed out, rick perry, how can we trust anyone who wants to kill social security? so there's been a lot of talk -- will this be a big issue monday night? >> i'm sure -- yes, it's going to be a big issue. >> it has to be a big issue. >> who's getting, this older voters? >> targeted people are getting this primary republicans -- >> there you go. listen, there are more than two people in the race. everyone's saying -- that's what pundits are saying, it's a two-person race. tell me what these names have to do -- what you think they have to do for monday. rick perry -- >> has to remain steady and has to show that he's presidential and perhaps he has to affix a problem it what he said about social security, at least clarify it. >> michele bachmann? >> has to she that she's presidential and has to appeal to tea party voters that helped propel her candidates. >> mitt romney? >> has to continue to be presidential and at least appeal to the tea party as well as
4:23 pm
appealing to these mid of the road republicans that he's been trying to do since he started running. >> ron paul? >> he just has to be ron paul, right? you can't change him. >> you can't change him. you know, i know people are -- there's something lovable about him. he's like everybody's dad or -- >> look, and you know what, he's a very nice guy. and he does okay in the polls. can he be president, no. >> the media got criticism, it's been said that we didn't give ron paul his due after the iowa straw poll. what i tried to explain to people is that there are other metrics that play into it as opposed to the poll as to whether you think someone can be a viable candidate. >> even though ron paul may not win the nomination, he's helped skiier the conversation. -- steer the conversation. >> newt gingrich? >> stop attacking us in the media. rick santorum has to show that he's the true conservative in the race. >> tom huntsman? >> has to she that she can
4:24 pm
attack and -- has to show that he can attack and attack sharply. >> and herman cain? >> he was peaking, now going down again. >> he's also likeable, too. i think -- you know, what you say about newt gingrich is right because when i hear that, it makes me think of the '90s all over. and we want to move forward, when the media was an easy target. >> he should be able to take tough questions. >> they all should. mark preston, good stuff. thank you very much. cnn along with the tea party express will co-host the debate among the republican presidential candidates here in tampa. that's monday night, 8:00 p.m. eastern, here on cnn. the cnn tea party republican debate. the nation mourns the nearly 3,000 people who were killed ten years ago on 9/11. we'll have an update on those ceremonies and the latest headlines coming up. at red lob. there's so many choices. the guests come in and they're like yeah i want to try this shrimp and i want to try this kind and this kind. they wait for this all year long. [ male announcer ] it's endless shrimp today at red lobster.
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the sleep number bed. only at the sleep number store. i'm susan hendricks at the cnn world headquarter in atlanta. back to don in a moment. first, a check of the top stories. people gathered to remember today in pennsylvania. [ bell ] >> don ald freeman green -- >> all the names being read including an unborn baby at a dedication ceremony in shanksville on the eve of the 10th anniversary of september 11. former presidents george w. bush
4:28 pm
and bill clinton, as well as vice president joe biden were there to honor the heroic actions of passengers and crew on board united airlines flight 93. the marble wall that now stands is inscribed with the names of 40 passengers and crew members who fought the hijackers and prevented the plane from reaching its targets. now to a possible terror threat aimed at sunday's nevin anniversary. want to take you to live pictures out of new york where they are doing a security sweep of ground zero. again, a lot is planned for tomorrow on the ten-year anniversary of 9/11. and of course they can never be too careful again. a security sweep of ground zero, live pictures there that you're looking at. and police in suburban washington, they're being careful, too. they're hunting for two missing u-haul vans. a lot going on. a police spokesman says they are not viewing this, though, as terror related, but there is an abun dan of caution being taken
4:29 pm
-- abundance of caution being taken because of intelligence out of pakistan indicating a terror plot may be in the works. hen, the souter sweep at ground zero. police in new york also looking for three stolen trucks. two of them belonging to a company that works at ground zero. a spokesman says whoever took the trucks cut phone lines surveillance camera. we are on top of this story. a security alert at dulles airport outside of washington. it has forced an evacuation at one of the terminals. a tsa spokesman said a dog train today to sniff explosives alerted airport person told a suspicious package in the cargo area. several gates at terminal b right now have been evacuated. again, terminal b at dulles airport. we'll bring you more information as it comes in to us at cnn. to pennsylvania now where the floodwaters are starting to recede in the northeast, and evacuation orders may soon be lifted. they can breathe a sigh of relief. pennsylvania's governor warns many families have nothing to go
4:30 pm
back to. their homes wiped out. many neighborhoods are still under water, and more rain is in the forecast. the flooding from tropical storm lee killed trustee nine people and forced the evacuation of 100,000 in central pennsylvania, also upstate new york. from too much water to not enough, texas is going through its driest period. really ever. since the record books, 1895, today firefighters say they have spotted 24 new fires. that is in addition to the 179 fires crews battled this past week that have charred more than 170,000 acres and destroyed 1,-400 homes. president obama declaring a state of emergency in texas making federal funds available for recovery. and nasa again is shooting for the moon. >> two, one, zero, and liftoff of the delta two with grail, a journey -- >> makes you feel good, doesn't it? a lunar research rocket blasted
4:31 pm
off from cape canaveral this morning after two weather delays. two washington machine-sized satellites will examine the moon to see how it was formed. this is the first mission to determine the internal structure of the moon. want to go back to don now out of tampa. don? >> hey, susan. stay with me here. let's talk about what's happening at ground zero right now, what's going to be happening tomorrow. susan hendricks mentioned the pictures, security sweep going on around ground zero now. our susan candiotti talk good them earlier. susan, you know, the world's eyes are on really ground zero right now even, even more so than tomorrow. they're trying to make sure everything is safe and they heard about this credible but unsubstantiated terror threat that's going to be happening tomorrow. you can imagine all the security and people involved in this -- >> there has been questions, don, about whether they should alert the public. but officials say we want people
4:32 pm
to know because we want them to know if we see something to say something in that area. so i think it's a good thing to have people on high alert and they're doing a security sweep at ground zero. live pictures. >> yeah. looks like the traffic, susan, is starting to move. earlier it was just really a wall of red flashing lights there. and that's the west side high y highway, and then you have the hudson river which is close. and you see the buildings, where the buildings once stood. we don't have the control of pictures of photographers there. and they're zooming in. again, a security sweep going on down by ground zero. in anticipation of tomorrow's events. and of course, you can't be too careful. that's what we've been hearing from officials. susan hendricks, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we'll get pack to you soon. appreciate you helping me out here. let's move on and talk about politics. the reason i'm here in tampa. you know, presidential candidate ron paul goes after fellow texan governor rick perry.
4:33 pm
could feuding rivals hurt their presidential hopes? we'll tell you. and a new orleans mom on a mission fighting for the rights of special needs kids. stems from the struggles she went through helping her own son. and cnn's education contributor, steve perry, has her story in tonight's "perry's principles." >> reporter: when karen harper-royal's oldest son, chris, started kindergarten 20 years ago, she got an ear frl teachers who didn't understand his behavior was masking adhd. >> he's getting put out of class, punished. they're giving all these negative messages. at some point that kid's going explode. >> reporter: things got so bad the new orleans mom felt she had to take drastic action. you were at the point where you thought you'd have to quit your job? >> to be there. >> really? >> yes. >> reporter: your plan is to quit your job,ing to into the school with your child? >> i went -- i was at school every day. they ended up making me a substitute teacher.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: come on. >> seriously. >> reporter: testing showed chris had adhd and a high i.q., which meant he was both learning disabled and gifted. armed with the diagnosis, karen made it her mission to get him the classroom resources he needed. >> so i started going to school board meetings. i prepared some documents to show them -- >> reporter: they must have loved you. >> they have come to love me. they have come to love me. >> reporter: she spend over a decade teaching other parents of special-needs children how to navigate the system. >> the reason i help parents now is because i didn't have anybody there to help me. make yourself an expert on what's going on with your children. >> reporter: how's chris doing now? >> chris works here in new orleans now as a professional musician. he travels around the world. he's happy.
4:35 pm
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to worry about buying the wrong mattress. once they get our bed, they're like, "why didn't i do this sooner?" don't miss the biggest sale of the year on the bed that can change your life. the sleep number bed. only at the sleep number store. facebook didn't even exist when the september 11 attacks happened. but in the years since, social media have become an integral part of many of our lives this. weekend facebook has come up with a unique way to honor the victims. want to bring in now cnet senior editor brian tong to talk about this. brian, how can people at home use their facebook page as part of the memorial?
4:44 pm
>> hey, don. this is really cool stuff. people at home, they can go to, and from the facebook page, you can do one thing to change your profile picture to the 9/11 logo or dedicate your status to one of the victims of 9/11. there's -- it will randomize it, or you can choose someone specifically, someone that you knew or someone close to you to honor, as well. it's really using social media and pasted it on your wall. 750 million users on facebook, this is a great way for those of us who have some type of connection to the tragedy out there to really showcase it in -- express ourselves on that day. >> okay. thank you, sir. i'm sure a lot of people at home are wondering about. that we're going to make a drastic turn here for topics. this is a pretty interesting one. i want to talk to you about something that's going on in the tech world. i think what do they call this -- is it location? i forget who they call it, maybe location promotion or whatever. talking about grinder for a minute. it is a hookup app that's popular in the gay community,
4:45 pm
but now there's a version for straight people, as well. what's going on here? >> so the name of the straight version of the app is called blender. it kind of plays off the grinder name. what it uses is geolocation and people that are using the app can pretty much broadcast their location and their status. when someone opens up this app, they can see people near them, and if they have interests, they can chat instantly through the app. it might be someone as close as 300 feet away from you or a block away. but they're using technology here to really find people that -- whether it's friends or more than friends, this app is one of the ways to do it. it's really opening the audience. it's not mixing the gay community with the straight community. they're creating two separate apps. this is another way, you know, to make some friends. >> all right. so do you think women -- you know, guys, do you think women are actually going to use this blender, or will it turn out to be a sims bar with way too many guys? >> girls have to get theirs,
4:46 pm
too. i mean, if you want to put it that way. but here's the thing -- it's true. but people are going to be using these type of services for more than just hook up really. now it may have started in its roots, but blendr is trying to change the image. we'll see as long as both sides of the table are there, you know, male and female and straight, if they want to interact and mingle, pie all means go ahead and -- by all means go ahead and do it. technology has almost separated us. this is one where technology is bringing us back together. >> is this -- i don't know. is this like a stalker app? do you really want people knowing where you are and that close to you? >> for -- it might be kind of weird, but see, the thing is it's -- you voluntarily put your information out there. so people that want to be found, are going to be found. they're going to be using this app. that's why it at least breaks down the wall and makes it -- okay, we're all here for the same reason. let's see if we can make magic happen. >> all right. you know what, soon this is going to be like "star trek."
4:47 pm
you'll be able to beam over to people's houses. what's next, who knows? thank you, brian tong. we appreciate it. >> all right. next, we're going to look at how some celebrities are remembering 9/11. first, i want to tell you about this. a group of ladies really making their mark every tuesday morning since the 2001 terrorist attack. the freeport flag ladies have waved flags at motorists in freeport, maine. elaine green, joann miller, and carmen footer say they're showing support for their country. elaine remembers the first time, just three days after 9/11. >> i decided to come up here, and i brought my flag with me. and -- it was a heavy time for everybody. i didn't know if it was proper to raise the flag up or not. finally i did. when i did, people beeped their horns and yelled "glad bless america." and the dark, heavy feeling that was around every one of us just lifted. i said, this is what i need to be doing. [ honking ]
4:48 pm
>> the ladies of freeport, maine, waving their flags to a very appreciative audience. >> yeah.
4:49 pm
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tl they're in the business of make-believe but many collectities are focusing on the real life impact of 9/11. >> i will volunteer in our local domestic shelter so that women and children know they're not alone and that their healing is our priority. >> that's marishka, the lead actress in the series "law and order svu." she joins a ban of stars on a voluntary come pain the remember the attacks. a film just debuted that follows paul mccartney in the weeks after the national tragedy. here with the details now cnn's entertainment reporter shanon cooke. what is this documentary about specifically? >> well, in an attempt to boost
4:52 pm
morale right after the attacks paul mccartney had this massive concert in madison square garden. elton john was there, billy joel, mick jagger, james taylor. the documentary basically follows mccartney in the few weeks leading up to this concert as he prepares. and we see these really candid rehearsal moments, behind the scene interviews with the celebrities as well as a recap of the concert itself. it's called, the love we make. it was co-directed by albert masels. he also made the very famous 1964 film that documented the beatles first trip to the united states. this documentary has the same black and white grainy look as that film. it really captures the mood of new york at that very harrowing time. >> let's talk about the 911 i've for the. we saw a clip. who and what does that involve?
4:53 pm
>> this is part of a campaign called i will. and some 30 celebrities are appearing in these psa type videos. basically they're encouraging people to answer the question, what will you do to remember? we've got lady gaga, jordan sparks, fran drescher, samuel l. jackson to name a few of the celebrities involved. atsz campaign to encourage people to jump online and post tributes, if you will. >> you know, tomorrow celebrities will be taking part in the 9/11 remembemembrances, all of us. tell white house is performing. we don't get to perform on stage, but a lot of them are. >> if you're going to check out a concert for hope, which is being televised nationally, it's being staged in washington, d.c. you will get to see patti labelle perform and also country singer allan jackson. he will be singing his 9/11 tribute-inspired song "where were you when the world stopped
4:54 pm
turning." the president is also going to be speaking at this event. speaking, not singing, i should clarify. >> yeah. you know, obviously we all have been impacted but this september 11th attacks, but now some stories are coming out about the close calls that some celebrities had on fa day. many of them i find interesting. the one with gwyneth paltrow. that was interesting. >> she was apparently driving around on the morning on september 11th. she stopped for a jay walker. they had this contact, like who is going to go first moment. the jay walker credits paltrow for saving her life because that moment slowed her down on her journey to work at the twin towers. had that not been for that moment she would have caught her train. also an eerie story from actor rob lowe who says that about ten days before the attacks he was on a flight with the terrorist
4:55 pm
zacarias moussaoui. he was on a test run flight for a t. hijacking. eerie brushes. as you alluded to, ordinary people had similar experiences. >> shanon cooke, always appreciate it. now we want to check on your headline right now want to go back to atlanta and cnn's susan hendricks. >> a lot going on right now. first, we start with this. the tenth anniversary as you know of 9/11 just hours away. today in shanksville, pennsylvania, a memorial was dedicated to the passengers and crew of united airlines flight 93. former presidents george w. bush, also bill clinton, vice president joe biden, they were all there to honor their memories. a long marble wall holds the names of all 40 people on the flight who fought back against the hijackers. a security alert at dulles airport outside of washington has forced an evacuation at one
4:56 pm
of the terminals. terminal b, which this is a live picture of dulles. tsa spokesman says a dog trained to sniff explosives alerted airport personnel to a suspicious package in a specific cargo area. several gates at terminal b have been evacuated as a precaution. you can imagine how the people feel, the eve of 9/11, the tenth anniversary. we'll have more information for you as it comes in to us here at cnn. at ground zero in new york, a massive security sweep ahead of sunday's dedication to the memorial there. a possible terror plot has put police on high alert. and they are telling you if you see something, say something. live pictures there out of new york. they are searching right now officials are, for three stolen trucks, two of which were taken from a company that worked at ground zero. again, live pictures of new york a couple of hours before the memorial. police in suburban washington are hunt for two missing u-hauls, as well.
4:57 pm
a spokesman says right now they are not viewing this one as terrorist related. fighterses loyal to libya's new government are on the outskirts of a town loyal to leader moammar gadhafi. they refuse to surrender despite the threat of a new military offensive if they don't. military commanders face heavy fire when they tried to seize the town today. a house of worship is really a house of prostitution. you heard right. that is what police are saying about the phoenix goddess temple which they've just busted arresting 20 men and women. investigators say they seized photos showing church members doing sexual acts in exchange for, quote, donations. phoenix police say the church made tens of thousands of dollars in a month. now back to don. don? >> all right, susan, thank you very much. susan, we're going to leave our audience. you just talked about what's happening at ground zero, that security sweep.
4:58 pm
of course, they are taking no precautions here because groud zero some very big festivities are happening tomorrow and services, and they want to make sure that every one is safe when it comes to ground zero and really beyond around the country, washington, d.c. as well. so we're going to end on that. i'll see you back here at 10:00 p.m. eastern "cnn presents" is next. run more smoothly by helping remove deposits and cleaning up intake valves. so when you fill up at an exxon or mobil station, you can rest assured we help your engine run more smoothly while leaving behind cleaner emissions. it's how we make gasoline work harder for you. exxon and mobil. [ doorbell rings ] hello there. i'm here to pick up helen. ah. mom? he's here. nice wheels. oh, thanks. keeps me young. hello there, handsome.
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